Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? What You Should Know!

can dogs eat cinnamon

There are many different spices that people use to change their taste or enhance the test of food. One of the most common is cinnamon, the unique aroma of this spice makes it very useful in dishes. While it is very good for us, a question might come in the mind of many dog owners, which is “is cinnamon toxic to dogs?”

No, cinnamon is not toxic to dogs and it can be used in the food of dogs to offer them a nice treat or change of taste. But there are some things that you need to mind before feeding cinnamon to your dog to avoid any type of serious health conditions.

Is cinnamon bad for dogs?

As mentioned above, cinnamon is not toxic for dogs and there are no fatal effects of it. But make sure not to feed too much cinnamon as it can cause different health conditions. Cinnamon oil and cinnamon both can cause digestive problems, and skin irritation. Chewing raw cinnamon for a long time creates irritation in the mount of dogs and further inhaling it can make your dog choking, difficulty breathing.

In general, more than 1 spoon of cinnamon powder can cause different conditions. The perfect and suitable quantity of cinnamon depends on the breed and age of the dog. Problems can be caused by cinnamon oil at a very low dosage, compared to the dosage of powder. Overdose of any form of cinnamon can cause low blood sugar, vomiting, changes in heart rate, liver disease, and diarrhea.

The best way to start slowly and feeding him a very low quantity of cinnamon with some food or cinnamon sparkled cookies. After feeding, monitor the behavior and activities of the dog very carefully. If you see any unusual activities or abnormal behavior, then visit your nearest vet immediately. If the results are fine and your dog likes it, then you can give the treat of cinnamon sometimes.

Cinnamon Health Benefits For Dogs

health benefits of cinnamon

While there are many foods that dogs love to eat that contain very low health benefits, cinnamon comes with many of them. Apart from a unique smell, the health benefits of cinnamon make it one of the best spices among others. Cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory properties that help dogs who have conditions like muscle soreness or arthritis. Also, if your dog is a super active one, then the pain in joints is common. Well, cinnamon helps to manage the pain of joints and reduces the swelling.

On the other hand, cinnamon also can be used for the development of the brain. It holds a large quantity of antioxidant that helps to fight against any neurological disorders. Not only that, but cinnamon also helps to boost the memory of your dog making both the mental and serious state of your dog is far better.

If your dog is overweight or having diabetes, then you can also add cinnamon to the dishes. Adding a little bit of cinnamon to the list of the daily diet helps to reduce the insulin level of the dog. Additionally, it also helps to maintain the blood sugar level of your dog. It lowers the absorption of carbohydrates to the blood for high carbohydrate foods.

According to research, the dogs who eat cinnamon have improved heart health compared to others. It helps to lower the heart rate and lower the blood pressure making your dogs out of the danger of heart attack.

Good and Bad Things About Cinnamon for Dogs

Compared to other spices, cinnamon comes with many health benefits and some risk factors. Here are some good things about cinnamon given below:

  • A sprinkle of cinnamon can change the taste of the dog’s food.
  • You can use a small amount of cinnamon to the homemade treats for your dog.
  • A little sprinkle of cinnamon on the top of foods can increase the appetite of your dog.
  • Having a small amount of cinnamon in your food can help very much for the development of your dog’s brain.

Here are some of the bad things that you need to know about the cinnamon

  • A large quantity of cinnamon can create irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and many other serious conditions.
  • Among all the different forms of cinnamon, powdered cinnamon can cause breathing difficulty, choking, and irritation.
  • Chewing the raw cinnamon can create irritation in the dog’s mouth

Can dogs eat cinnamon applesauce?

One of the most commonly asked questions by the dog owners is “can dogs eat cinnamon applesauce?” As cinnamon is non-toxic for dogs and applesauce is known to be beneficial for dogs, cinnamon applesauce is safe for dogs. It helps to attract the dogs very well and improves the appetite. Many dog owners use this combination of applesauce to treat their dogs.

These are some of the important things that you need to know before feeding cinnamon to your dogs.

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