Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? Are Cranberries Good For Dogs?

can dogs eat cranberries

Cranberries are a very popular snack packed with healthy nutrition. Many people eat this healthy snack quite often. And dog owners are no exception. Maybe when they have their snack, they want to share that with their dog, but they are a little confused. This article is for those who have queries like can dogs have cranberries? Are cranberries bad for dogs?

Are Cranberries good for dogs?

The answer is yes. Dogs can eat both cranberries and dried cranberries but in small quantities. The question is, does your dog like this tart treat? However, when you are feeding cranberries to your dog, you must keep in mind that quantity is essential in cranberries because too much of it can cause an upset stomach.

You may have noticed that dried cranberries come in a package where they mix dry fruits like raisins. Aware of that! Because raisins are toxic for dogs, even a few raisins can cause problems for small puppies.

Even if you want to prepare cranberry dishes and juices, that’s also very risky. Sometimes cranberry juice also contains grape juice, which is quite dangerous for dogs. Even other ingredients of cranberry dishes like alcohol, logs of sugar, etc. are not very good for them.

Can dogs eat dried cranberries?

Yes, dogs can certainly eat dried cranberries. Even dried cranberries are a healthy snack for dogs only when it is given in a small amount. As raisins are quite dangerous for dogs, dried cranberries replace them correctly.

Dried cranberries can help to improve your dog’s immune system and can also reduce inflammation. It has fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and it also contains low calories. That’s why dried cranberries are a wholesome tiny snack for both humans and dogs. Additionally, cranberries can also help to fight with a canine urinary infection.
This is not the end! Cranberries are also quite useful for dog’s eyesight, teeth, and cardiovascular systems.

Sugar is not very good for dogs that are why you must remember not to feed them dried cranberries with added sweeteners. So, when you are buying dried cranberries, strictly ignore the commercial dried cranberries by sugary brands. Try to purchase cranberries with lightly sweetened varieties. Don’t panics if you are already feeding them sugary cranberries; a few are completely fine.

Can dogs have cranberry pills?


Some cranberry pills are specially made for dogs. They are not even safe for them; even it can treat the dog’s urinary tract infections. Yes, just like humans, dogs can suffer from UTIs too. Cranberry juice and cranberry pills are beneficial for humans suffering from UTIs and so that for dogs.

But even cranberry pills carry a few risks

And it’s possible that these risks may not be that effective. The most problematic compound present in cranberries is oxalates. Oxalates are a common compound among fruits and vegetables. This is why cranberries can be quite troubling for dogs and humans if consumed too much. Oxalates can increase the risk of constructing bladder or kidney stones in a dog’s body.

Humans are usually interested in treating or preventing their urinary tract infections by drinking cranberry juice or consuming lots of fresh or frozen cranberries. But is your dog willing to consume the same? They might not like either cranberry juice or other odd cranberry treat. Fortunately, some pills or tablets are made with cranberry extracts, and some are specifically designed for dogs, unlike others, which are made only for humans.

Some of these pills contain several active ingredients like apple cider vinegar and some inactive components used to bind the pills together safely to preserve them for dogs.

Are cranberry pills only for humans?

There is a reason why there are cranberry pills which we make separately for dogs. If consumed in a large amount, ingredients like vitamin C are hazardous for dogs as they can develop kidney stones’ potentials. Another feature of these cranberry pills is artificial sweeteners, which is also terribly risky for dogs.
So, the cranberries made only with pure cranberry extracts can be suitable for dogs, but the other ingredients are also present along with cranberry extract then keep it away from your dogs.

Final words

The answer to the question of whether dogs can eat cranberries is yes, cranberries, and dried cranberries. Both are quite delicious and healthy treats for your dogs. You can make individual cranberry dishes for your dog. Always remember to keep the serving small.


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