Can Dogs Eat Eggshells? Read This First Before Feeding!

Dogs Eat Eggshells

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells? Eggs are a very popular ingredient in most of the home made dog food and snacks.  But do dogs eat eggshells?

People do leave the eggshells out without knowing that they can provide lots of nutrition to the dog. Apart from nutrition, they also offer gooey substance. The eggshells dogs eat are capable of offering the needed amount of calcium in the dogs’ diet. They can do that in a manner that they will enjoy.

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

Just like eggs the dogs can eat eggshells as well.  The eggshells are just like bones which are full of phosphorus and calcium. Calcium and phosphorus do help in supporting healthy teeth and gives your immune system, muscles and heart a healthy boost.  The phosphorus can also help in ensuring the body efficiently use carbohydrates and fats and assist in repair of the cellular.

What is the right amount of Eggshells I can give to a Dog?

Can dogs eat eggshells of what amount?  Never give your dog lots of eggshells since that can make them diarrhea. For an egg, one a day will be fine while one teaspoon of ground eggshells which equals one complete eggshell will be okay.

Available Nutrients in Eggshells

By now you are aware that eggshells are high in calcium which is an important nutrient. Apart from helping in building of strong bones and strong and healthy teeth, the calcium is also important in other body functions. It is important that you  ensure your dog has strong bones. One way you can ensure this is knowing how can dogs eat eggshells.

Calcium will help in the following:

  • Distribution and circulations of hormones
  • Movement of the muscles
  • Intracellular and neuron transmission

The eggshells also contain strontium that helps in supporting the bone health. It also has small quantities of magnesium that is good for bone development and helps in blood pressure regulation. It also helps in ensuring the heart pumps steadily.

Impact of Eggshells on Dogs Diet

Impact of Eggshells on Dogs

Can dogs eat eggshells without endangering their health? When dogs eat eggshells, it will help provide them with the best way to help boost intake of nutrients that are friendly and important to their bone. Wild dogs will always get calcium from the eggs they raid from nests or by chewing the bones of the animals they prey on.

When you allow dogs eat eggshells, you will be supplementing on what his diet might be lacking. A single eggshell is capable of providing enough calcium for the entire day. When you receive the right calcium amount, you will help prevent arthritis from attacking your dog.

Eggshell Sterilization

According to the Center of Disease Control, there is a rare case where the eggshells can be contaminated with salmonella just the same way a raw egg can contain pathogens.

It is important that you always sterilize the eggshells before you give them to your dogs.  Sterilize them by boiling them in water for up to three minutes; give them time to cool down before you allow dogs eat eggshells.

Can dogs eat eggshells that are boiled? In case you will be feeding the dogs on whole eggs with their shell, ensure that you hard boil the eggs as it is the safest method. 160 degrees is the magic temperature number for killing any salmonella in eggs. There are rare instances of food born salmonella as most do originate from commercial kitchens.

Ways You Can Use to Serve Eggshells to Your Dogs

What Can dogs eat eggshells with? Instead of throwing the eggshell as leftovers to the compost heap, you can always keep them and give them to your dogs.  Before you serve the eggshells to your dog, ensure that you clean them dry and grind into fine powder using a spice or coffee grinder. The eggshell powder will be very easy to mix with the dog’s food.

The dry eggshells are capable of remaining in good condition for up to two months. The dogs are also in a position of feeding in whole hard boiled eggs with the eggshells intact. Most dogs do enjoy eating the eggshells.

Is it possible for dogs to eat cooked eggs?

dog eats cooked eggs

It is possible to feed your dog in a cooked and plain egg. This will act as a great protein source, iron, riboflavin, vitamins A and B, selenium and folate. You need to ensure that the egg is completely pain and that is not covered in cooking oil, pepper or salt since these can make your dog’s stomach be upset.

In case you made an egg dish together with lots of other ingredients. It is much better if you decide not to give it to your dog unless you are sure that each of the ingredients used is safe and not coated in seasonings and cooking oil.

Can Dogs Feed on Raw Eggs?

dogs eat raw egg

Can dogs eat eggshells with raw eggs? It is possible to feed your dog on a raw egg. A raw egg has the same health benefits as cooked eggs. Feeding on it raw will make it much easier for the dog to absorb the nutrients.

Try thinking about it from a natural standpoint, for instance, the wild dogs are animals which always prey and consume wild eggs of other animals they come across.

Although there is a risk of the dogs contracting salmonella from the raw eggs, the chances of the dog benefiting from a raw egg are much high. However, the raw foods can be very hard on the stomach hence; it is advisable not to feed your dog on raw egg every day.

Making Eggshell Powder

Can dogs eat eggshells that are powdered? Always grind up the eggshell and mix them in the dog’s food to act as phosphorus and calcium supplement. Be sure that you are using the eggs fresh from the farm instead of eggs from grocery store which are normally bleached white.

The chemicals which are normally used in cleaning and bleaching the eggshell may compromise or do away with many minerals and vitamins in the eggshell. The chemicals used can also be harmful to the dogs’ health.

It is possible to use a food processor or a blender to help in grinding up eggshells into powder and storing them inside an airtight container inside the refrigerator for a period of two months.

You need to remember that allowing dogs eat eggshells is just  to help act as a supplement and should not act as a source of food on its own. Always add a little eggshell powder approximately one teas spoon per day onto the dog’s food. You can mix the eggshell powder in sunflower seeds for  dog to eat. The grounded shell of a single egg is one spoonful and does meet the minimum requirements of a dog per day.

What about when you drop an egg accidentally onto the ground or want to give the dog shell from an egg that just cracked?

When dogs eat eggshells from the ground, it will most likely not have any negative impact on the dog unless any sharp or jagged pieces catch the dog on its esophagus or throat.

However, the dog will not enjoy the same health benefits since they will not digest the on ground eggshells well. For the dog to be able to absorb all the nutrients, it will be important the eggshells be in powder form.

If not, they will most likely pass through undigested and there are times when you might come across eggshell flecks on the dog’s stool.


Know you know what and how can dogs eat eggshells. The eggs are quite cheap and easy to get. They are also a great source of nutrition for the dog. The overall benefits that comes when you allow the dogs eat eggshells do outweigh the risks.

You need to keep in mind that many eggs are usually sprayed with chemicals to make them appear shinny. It is best advised that you get the eggs from a local former.


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