Can Dogs Eat Hummus? You Should Know Some Nutritional Facts!

can dogs eat hummus

Can dogs eat hummus? This is one question most people do ask especially those who have dogs as their pets.

Hummus is a very delicious dip that has grown in popularity in the recent past. It has quickly grown beyond its origin which is in the Middle east and now very popular in Europe and North America. Most people are known to love hummus for their rich flavor and quick digestion.

The hummus is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and antioxidants. The hummus can also help in lowering the levels of cholesterol and help in weight loss.

Can Dogs Eat Hummus?


Since dogs are always close to humans, they are fond of at times eating their favorite snacks considering all the nutrients that are available in the hummus.

Can dogs eat hummus given to them by their keepers? There are times when the dog owners might be tempted to let dogs eat hummus. Never do that, not even in the smallest amount.

The ingredients contained in hummus do contain substances that are toxic to the dogs. Hummus mainly contains lemon and garlic which are harmful to the dogs. However, keep reading as we may have a better option for you.

Why is Hummus not good for Dogs?

Hummus is mainly made from olive oil, salt, garlic, chickpeas, lemon juice and tahini.  It is advisable that dog owners try their best to avoid feeding hummus to their dogs.

One main reason why you should not allow dogs eat hummus is the availability of garlic and lemon juice.

From all the ingredients available in the hummus, garlic is the most dangerous one since it is moderately or mildly poisonous.

Although garlic is a favorite spice to many people, it is capable of causing serious health issues when taken by dogs in large amounts.

It can even kill them. Dried, raw, cooked or powered garlic is not safe for dogs regardless of how it has been prepared.

Garlic will damage the dogs’ red blood cells. Damaged red blood cells are not capable of carrying oxygen.

Any dog that consumes garlic is at high risk of suffering from internal organ damage, failure of important body organs or even death.

hummus bad for dogs

Common Symptoms Dog Has Eaten Hummus

Some of the common symptoms that will help reveal of dog poisoning include diarrhea, collapse, weakness, vomiting and nausea. Other symptoms are lack of coordination in the body muscles, excessive salivation, brown and red urine and pale gums.

At times the onset of garlic poisoning symptom in dogs can be delayed. This can make it difficult for the dog owners to notice any health issue on their dog in case the dogs eat hummus until when it is late.

The other dangerous ingredient on dogs that is available on hummus is the lemon juice. Lemmon juice is a critic fruit juice which can be too acidic when taken by dogs.

The lemon juice also contains citric acid that can cause abdominal pain and discomfort on dogs.

Most vets do note that dogs never eat lemon juice even in the wild and that lemon juice has never been a natural component in the diet of any dog.

Chickpeas: The Best Hummus Alternative

Chickpeas are hummus main ingredient. It is very safe when given to dogs to eat. The dogs do enjoy lots of nutritional qualities from chickpeas.

A chickpea which is at times referred to as garbanzo beans are inexpensive and convenient protein source. This is what makes them a perfect snack to give to dogs.

Since it is a bean, it does have high fiber content that makes them beneficial to the digestive system of the dog. They are also important when it comes to combating constipation on dogs.


The other important and valuable nutrients available in chickpeas include :

  • Vitamins, A, B and C,
  • Potassium
  • Lecithin

Lecithin helps in stimulating the learning ability and memory of the dog. This makes chickpeas a very important component when it comes to training of dogs.

The vitamins contained in chickpeas are very important to the dogs’ health since they are useful in proper metabolism. Potassium is also required in the proper functioning of the dogs’ heart, muscles, digestive system and kidney.

It is possible to also cook chickpeas, mash them and feed them to your dog just like dip on carrot sticks.  You can always add the cooked chickpeas to your dogs’ food to act as a healthy protein boost.

It is also possible to alter the homemade hummus recipes and leave out lemon juice, garlic and salt to come up with a safe version of the dogs’ hummus.

Downsides of Using Chickpeas

One of the biggest downsides that come with feeding your dog on chickpeas is its tendency of increasing gas. Compared to most legumes, the chickpeas are capable of causing excess gas on dogs that are not used on feeding in chickpeas or on those that have sensitive digestive system.

In case your dog is feeding on legumes for the first time, ensure you give them in small bits and keep a close eye to see if they are developing any gas.

Although gas does result in temporary discomfort, when it is in extreme case, it can lead to a fatal condition known as bloat. In case the dog develops a swollen abdomen, it will exhibit behavioral changes or drools will be there in excess.

 What if Your Dog has Already Eaten Hummus?

In case you your dogs eat hummus, there is no need to panic or do anything silly. The most important thing is that you are now aware that hummus can moderately be dangerous to your dog.

Can dogs eat hummus that endanger their lives? However, the amount of danger it can pose mainly depends on the hummus amount your dog has consumed. In case it did consume a small portion, it is okay. This is because small amounts of garlic cannot pose great danger to the dog. You can decide to give your dog drinking water  to help avoid dehydration as you contact a vet.

However, if the dog did manage to consume huge amounts of hummus, then it is highly recommended that you immediately inform your vet.

Can dogs eat hummus without showing any symptoms? his is because, despite not seeing any visible symptoms or changes in your dog, there are possibilities the dog might be suffering in silent. Poisoning using garlic can be delayed at the beginning and the symptoms might fail to appear for a few days.

Hummus without Garlic

hummus without garlic

Can dogs eat hummus without garlic? Despite hummus being traditionally made of lemon juice and garlic, if you can manage to make the hummus without suing both of these ingredients, then it can be very safe for your dog to feed on the hummus.

Ensure that the replacement ingredients are friendly to the dog. It is advisable that you replace garlic with roasted beans. You also have to keep in mind that when legumes like chickpeas are taken in large amounts, it can cause gas to develop.

Despite gas causing temporary mild discomfort in some cases I can lead to a very fatal condition referred to as bloat that can lead to swollen abdomen.


Can dogs eat hummus since it is a popular human snack? Hummus is a very popular snack humans take. It has a great taste and comes with numerous benefits. However, it is highly advised that you do not allow dogs eat hummus.

As you already know, hummus comprises of garlic and lemon juice which can be dangerous to your dog.  You also need to refrain from sharing any snack that comprises of garlic or lemon juice with your dog.


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