Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Don’t Forget To Know These Facts

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

All the dog owners around the world stay very confused about what fruits are best for their dogs. While most of the fruits that humans eat are not necessarily ideal for the dogs, it creates very confusion for the owners. If you are one of them with the question of “can dogs eat oranges?”, then the initial answer is yes.

However, that does not mean that orange is fully safe. There are many different factors you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety of our dog’s health. Oranges are not poisonous for dogs, but if served without knowing, then it can cause some serious health conditions. Here is some information provided below that you need to know.

Harmful parts of orange for dogs

While orange is filled with many different health benefits and healthy components, there are also some components of orange that can trouble the dogs. Like many different foods, oranges also contain a lot of sugars. A high quantity of sugar consumption can cause them to have stomach upset. Depending on the breed of dogs, you will need to feed oranges to the dog. There are some small breeds of dogs that can get stomach upset with just eating one orange.

Other than stomach upset, if you want to know “are oranges bad for dogs?”, then you need to know that this stomach upset can lead to stool concerns and digestive disorder. Feeding too many oranges is not helpful to your dog when your dog is diabetic. It can cause a spike in the levels of blood sugar causing serious health problems.

Also, consuming the rinds can cause a blockage in the digestive tract and cause issues of gastrointestinal. It can also create a choking hazard for your dog, which you do not want. While the rinds are packed with vitamin C, it can cause a blockage that will need surgery to remove from them.

Health benefits of orange for dogs


Despite having those negative effects of orange, oranges are consumed by pet dogs all around the world. The main reason is that oranges also come with many different health benefits. These benefits help to improve the health conditions of dogs very much. To answer one of the common questions “are oranges good for dogs?”, you will need to know how to serve oranges.

If the oranges are served correctly, then they are a very rich source of vitamin C. Just like humans, vitamin C is very beneficial for the dogs. Consuming vitamin C helps very much to improve the immune system. Having a strong immune system is very important for the health of dogs. Dogs that are highly anxious and very active need to have high vitamin C in their system.

Apart from vitamin C, some other benefits come with oranges. Some of them are fiber, iron, potassium, and many more. Fiber is very helpful to improve the stool conditions. Also, these components help to improve the eyesight, increase appetite, and help to make the bones strong. Also, feeding oranges will not cause any problems as they are very low in sodium.

What is the best way to serve orange for dogs?

The common question is “can dogs eat oranges?” depends on how you are serving oranges. You need to know what is the best way to serve oranges to get all the health benefits and eliminate risky components. The best way to serve oranges by peeling it and removing all the seeds from it. As mentioned above seeds can cause many different problems for the dogs. Make pieces of orange and feed your dog.

If you are trying to serve your dog oranges, then the best way to start is by giving them a very low quantity. According to taste, many dogs do not like oranges as they are tart. Also, serving oranges slowly will help you to monitor how the stomach of the dog is reacting to it. Even if your dog loves to eat oranges, you will need to make sure to give limited oranges. Consuming too many oranges can cause many health conditions. If you see any unusual behavior after consuming, then stop feeding oranges to your dog.

Another very common question that comes very often is “can dogs eat orange peels?”. Yes, many pet dogs eat the orange peels, but it is better to remove them as most of the dogs do not like the taste of those. Also, if the peels are not chewed properly, it can block the digestive tract, which will require surgery. Make sure to limit the intake of orange for your dog to stay less than 10 calories daily. This is the best way to prevent gaining weight and reduce the stomach upset after eating oranges.

Above mentioned information will help you to get the answer of this question “can dogs eat oranges?”.

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