Can Dogs Eat Pears? Health Benefits & Side Effects

dogs eat pears

Humans are known to love pears since they are juicy and sweet. Can dogs eat pears? This is one common question among most dog owners. Since humans are great dog lovers, they can always be seen trying to give their dogs pears. Their dogs eat pears without knowing what impact it will have on them. If they are giving the pears in right way and in good amounts.

Can Dogs Eat Pears?

So, can dogs eat pears?  It is important that humans know not all fruits are friendly to dogs and can lead to some health issues if not handled well. In this article, we will be looking if it is safe to give dogs pears and what impact it can make if they are given.

Are Pears Good for Dogs?

pears bad for dogs

Yes, the pears are safe for dog consumption. However, it is appropriate  wonder how can dogs eat pears on large quantities  and their impact. If you are feeding your dog pears, you need to ensure that the feeding period is prolonged. Whenever the fruit is given to the dogs in the right amounts, it can bring lots of benefits to the pet.

The good news is that pears are full of great mineral, vitamins, antioxidants, lycopene and amino acids. Just like any other fruit, the pears contain natural gas known as fructose.  When fructose is available in foods naturally and in small amounts, they are considered harmless.

By reducing the quantity of human foods your dog takes, you will be in a position of helping your pup avoid health risks like gaining cavities or weight.

Treats like pear slice should make less than 10% of the daily nutrition of your dog. Just like watermelon, the pears also contain large amounts of water.

Still wondering how can dogs eat pears ? Here are other reasons why you should consider giving pears  to your dog:

  • They contain potassium nutrients
  • Pears contain Vitamins A, C and K which are important for the well being and health of dogs.
  • The pears contain dietary fiber that is great for digestion

You can see that this juicy fruit can have lots of benefit to your dog and that they will enjoy it if it’s fed in the right way and right quantities.

How to Feed your Dog Pears

feed pears to dogs

Since you now know can dogs eat pears , it is important you know the best way you can offer the fruit to it without chocking the dog.

  1. First, it is important that you ensure the pears are ripe. Never feed your dog on pears that is hard.
  2. Wash it well removing any dirt or chemical preservatives that might be present on the fruit skin.
  3. Ensure you remove all the seeds. The pears seeds are rich in cyanide which is harmful to the dogs.
  4. Cut and give the slices to the dog occasionally either as a treat once or twice a week or as a source of hydration during walks.
  5. Just like other types of fruits, ensure the dog eats pears in small quantities. When you give them in large quantities, high fiber content and natural sugars can make the stomach upset and lead to diarrhea.
  6. The quantity will also vary depending on the age and size of the dog.

Can dogs eat pears  with or without the skin? Yes, provided the fruit is washed well. You need to keep in mind that the skin of the pears has the highest fiber quantity.  It means that when you are giving pears to the dog to help aid with constipation, it is advisable that you do not remove the skin.

It is also possible to  know how can dogs eat pears. However, when you notice the pear is not sitting well with the dog, there is a possibility that it may be intolerant.

What is the right amount of pears to give to the dog?

Just as the case when it comes to your dog feeding on human food and especially the fruits, can dogs eat pears the dogs are able to eat pears safely without any problem provided it is offered to them in moderation.

Instead of feeding the whole pear to your dog at once which can easily choke the dog or make them have stomach aches, you will need to cut the pear into smaller slices and feed the dog with 1-2 slices.

big pears for dog

It is important that you always keep the pears amount you feed your dog at a minimum since eating too much will most likely upset your dogs’ stomach which can make them vomit or diarrhea. In short, it is safe and fine to cut the pears into smaller slices giving your dog a maximum of two slices.

When dogs eat pears in moderation, it is completely fine although the main focus of your dogs’ diet needs to be the fruits quality. Ensure you calculate everything you give to your dog and keep its record to ensure that any type of human feed you feed the dog does not go past 5% of the food you give them in a day.

Risks Associated with feed Pears to Your Dog

Here are risks that come when you allow dogs eat pears. If pears are safe foods, they can at times lead to choking. This is why it is recommended that you always cut pears into smaller sizes to help avoid choking.

Here are some of the other precautionary measures you need to put in place before giving you allow dogs eat pears.

  1. The green pears might have side effects as it can cause stomach upset and constipation. Only feed the dog with ripe fruit.
  2. The seeds do contains cyanide traces that can be toxic when taken in large amounts.
  3. Never give the dog a whole pear. It can easily cause obstructions in the bowel if digested.
  4. Ensure that you always remove the leaves and stalks since the texture is rigid and can easily tear the esophagus lining.
  5. Give the dog a slice occasionally since the pears contains up to 9.7 grams of total sugar that is not healthy for the teeth. It can lead to weight gain and cause stomach upset.
  6. Never give the dog candied or canned pears since it contains high sugar amounts in the syrup.
  7. Rot, spoiled or moldy pears can cause stomach upset and cause diarrhea.
  8. Don’t feed the dogs on fermented fruits as it has been converted into alcohol which is not healthy for dogs.
  9. Although it is quite tempting to toss pear core left over to your dog, try refrain from giving your dog such parts as they contain seeds inside. Despite the seeds being toxic when taken in large quantities, they can also cause choking.

Ensure the pears you are giving to the dog does not contain any spices. Learn more if you can give your dog spicy food here.

 Is it Possible to Feed Dogs on Canned Pears?

Can dogs eat pears  that are canned? It is never advisable to let dogs eat pears that are canned since it contains added sugars. These sugars are bad for the healthy being of your dog since it can lead to a number of issues like irritation in the stomach.


We hope we have answered your question of can dogs eat pears ? Ensure you always seek for the veterinary advice before you know how can dogs eat pears? They feed their dog on a new treat even if you see other people giving the treat to their dogs.  Veterinary officials are known to have lots of knowledge and experience which will help keep the health of your dog safe.

They will also advice you on proper feeding methods that will ensure you dogs health is not affected in any way.