Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Is Popcorn Safe for Dog?


When you are sitting at home watching a movie, it is fun to do so with a bowl of popcorn in your hand. But spills are inevitable when you get excited or otherwise drop some on the floor or couch by mistake. Moreover, you would see your pet dog jump at the opportunity and lap up on the fallen morsels, before you can stop them.

Certainly, that is worrying, considering a lot of foods nowadays that are store-bought contains preservatives. Not to mention, the digestive system of puppies is different from that of humans. Because of that, the food that would seem harmless which can affect your pets in a different manner.

Then, how to know if this moment of weakness for your dog would have a good or bad effect? And what measures should you take to safeguard against such an issue, if there is one? Here is all that you need to know if you are wondering can dogs eat popcorn or not.

Does popcorn affect dogs badly?

Indeed, there are good sides and bad sides to every food ingredient, especially when it comes to the digestive ability of the animals. However, most of the natural food products do not harm them that badly or affect their health. When it comes to popcorn, it is important to note that it is made out of corn kernels after getting heated.

Thus, it would not harm your dog too badly when they ingest in at any time and are comparatively safe. In fact, they contain many nutrients like fiber, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which are actually good for them. While that is true, the added flavoring does show some negative repercussions.

Things that make this food tasty for humans like salt and butter lead to upset stomachs for your dogs. Moreover, some added toppings and cheese substitutes that are present in some popcorn types causing more problems. Therefore, if you ask the question can dogs eat popcorn, the answer depends on the type that you are eating.

Certain side-effects of popcorn for dogs

popcorn side-effects for dogs

Of course, when it comes to the negative alternatives for your pups, the next thing to consider is ‘how badly’. After all, there are different outcomes for each, and knowing them can help you prepare better. If your dog eats some of this, here are some problems that they can face.

Diarrhea: Certainly, many of the added flavorings and oils do not suit the intestinal lining and stomachs of your pet. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that they would properly digest them either. These problems can further give your dog diarrhea, which would harm their overall health.

Obesity: Cheese alternatives and some oils are not a good thing for a human either, especially if it is consumed more. Furthermore, in the case of the puppies, this effect worsens and they can result in obesity problems.

Kidney issues: If you are wondering can dogs eat popcorn, the one thing that you should avoid strongly is salt. Certainly, if your puppy eats too much of it, they will see a defect in the kidney functions over time. Thus, you should avoid giving salted popcorn to your puppy on a regular basis.

Dehydration: Without a doubt, salt causes a lot of issues in dogs, and you should avoid that for sure. After all, one of the effects which is synonymous with too much salt intake is dehydration. That would create lots of problems in the regular energy levels and overall health of your pet.

Physical issues: In the matter of can dogs eat popcorn, another thing to consider is the shape of the popcorn. Certainly, they can choke on the un-popped ones, or get them stuck in their gums or teeth. Consequently, this would lead to extreme discomfort or even sickness for them; thus, keep a note of that.

How to make it healthy for dogs?

To put it simply, getting to make these food items easier to handle for your pet is not difficult. The first thing that you should do is avoid giving them flavored popcorn at all and focus more on the air-popped versions. Moreover, you can prepare yours separately with seasoning and reserve the plain version for your puppy.

All in all, eating popcorn will not harm your dogs too badly but will cause minor health issues. An unflavored version can even help them in certain ways, and you can consider doing so. Hence, keep everything in mind the next time you prepare popcorn and take necessary precautions.

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