Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Key Factors You Have to Keep in Mind

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes

Potato is one of the essential foods in the human food chain. It is consumed almost daily by millions and billions of people. Along with unique taste, it also contains many health benefits that help to stay healthy. But one of the very common questions that come to mind is “can dogs eat potatoes?”.

Well, the answer depends on many different factors. Unlike humans, many other components of potatoes can be harmful to your dog. So, knowing the procedure to serve it and other details are very important before feeding them potatoes. The right quantity of potatoes for dogs is also very important to know.

Raw potatoes are good for dogs?

While it comes to the question “can dogs eat raw potatoes?”, then the answer is a big no. Do not feed raw potatoes to your dog as it can be harmful to dogs. Like many other vegetables, potatoes also contain a component named solanine. This component is very toxic to dogs, and it can cause some serious health problems. Instead of eating raw potatoes, it is best to cook the potatoes before eating them. Cooking the potatoes before eating them helps to decrease the quantity of solanine.

Instead of cooking, you can also boil or bake the potatoes before eating them. Make sure to not add anything to the potatoes while preparing. Also, do not feed your dog fried potatoes, french fries, chips, potatoes cooked with butter or salt. If your dog has diabetes, then do not feed him potatoes as it can cause spikes in the blood sugar.

While feeding your dog boiled or baked potatoes, make sure to do it in moderation as an increased quantity of carbohydrates can cause many health problems and obesity.

Sweet potatoes are good for dogs?

Just like many other owners, you might have the question of “can dogs eat sweet potatoes?”. Compared to raw white potatoes, sweet potatoes are fat better for your dog. These potatoes are much healthier and contain various nutrients. Some of the common ones are vitamin B6, vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, and many more. All of these components are necessary for dogs’ health.

But many dogs do not like the taste of sweet potatoes, so make sure to start slowly. If the dog has no abnormal behavior, no digesting problem, then continue feeding. Otherwise, stop feeding them immediately or it can cause serious problems.

Eating potatoes can be dangerous for dogs?

potato side effects

Even though consuming potatoes helps to improve the health of dogs, it also comes with many risks. As mentioned above, so not feed raw potatoes to the dogs as it contains solanine. To prevent this toxicity, make sure to bake or boil the potato before feeding. If your dog has any of these symptoms after consuming potatoes such as weakness, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, lethargy, and confusion, then visit a vet immediately.

How to serve potatoes to dogs?

Humans like to eat potato fries or mixed with cheese but that is not appropriate for dogs. To feed potatoes to your dogs, you need to know how to serve them properly. If the potatoes are not properly served, then it can cause various health problems. Feeding them with salt and butter will also have a negative effect on them.

The best way to serve potatoes to dogs is boiled, baked, and mashed. It is already confirmed that boiled and baked potatoes are fine for the health of dogs, but can dogs eat mashed potatoes? Yes, they can eat mashed potatoes without any problems. Here are some different ways that you can use to serve potatoes to your dog.

  • You can boil the potatoes and mash them up nicely with the yogurt and place it in a bowl to feed them. It will help the dog to eat the potato mush with a little bit of taste.
  • Like all the other animals, dogs also need to consume animal protein to stay healthy. So, you can mix the boiled potatoes with turkey, egg, chicken, and make a delicious mix for your dog. It will help him to get both the healthy components of meats and potatoes.
  • When feeding other vegetables like peas, carrots, and others, you can include the potato slices with them. Also, you can make dog-friendly recipes to make a dish of veggies.
  • Cut the potatoes thick following the shape of bones using the cookie cutters. Bake them till the middle part of the potato is soft enough. It is a perfect dinner for dogs.

Serving the potato skin necessary for dogs?

Consuming potato skin can be very dangerous for dogs. A little bit of potato skin’s status after peeling is fine but consuming a lot of potato skin can cause problems. The skin of potatoes contains oxalates, which can cause serious problems related to the kidney.

These are the factors that you need to keep in mind before feeding potatoes to your dog.

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