Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds? Surprising Facts You Should Know!

dogs eat pumpkin seeds

Most dog owners nowadays feed their dogs in almost everything. However, with a variety of foods such as pumpkin seeds in the menu, you are right to start thinking, “can dogs eat pumpkin seeds?”

What are Pumpkin Seeds?

pumpkin seeds

These are edible seeds which are usually found inside pumpkins. The seeds of any carving pumpkin can easily be hard shelled although the seeds which are usually purchased at the grocery store normally tend to be flat, oval and shell free.

The seeds are known to contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help in promoting the entire body health when dogs eat pumpkin seeds.

The pumpkin seeds have for some time now been studied exclusively in a number of human clinical trials due to their health benefits.

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Every dog owner has at one point wondered the question, ‘can dogs eat pumpkin seeds?’ Yes, it is very possible to feed your dogs seeds from the pumpkin using one caveat.

However, it is highly recommended that before you allow dogs eat pumpkin seeds to ensure that you clean, peel, and roast and thereafter grind them up. It is highly recommended never to feed your dog a raw pumpkin seed since they can easily spoil and go rancid.

can dogs eat pumpkin

The roasted and ground pumpkin seeds are a great addition to any dogs’ food since it offers them several health benefits.

However, before you let dogs eat pumpkin seeds, it does require some preparation on your part to ensure the dogs to enjoy the benefits that comes from feeding on the pumpkin seeds.

Nutritional Value Dogs Can Enjoy from Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds do have similar nutritional value as other important dog foods. Here is an example of what a single ounce of peeled pumpkin seed comprises of:

  • 7g protein
  • 13g of fat
  • 126 calories
  • 7g of fiber
  • 5 g of carbs
  • Minerals and Vitamins like iron, copper, manganese, zinc, Vitamin K and

Benefits of giving your dog Pumpkin seeds

benefits of pumpkin seeds

So, can dogs eat pumpkin seeds  and enjoy some benefits? Since we have now answered the question, can dogs eat pumpkin seeds, it is now time to look at some of the benefits your dog will enjoy from a pumpkin seed.

Digestive Health

Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds  and enjoy a great digestive health. Pumpkin seeds are high in fiber which is important in helping with digestion in dogs. In fact, pumpkin seeds are among the best sources of fiber. Consuming pumpkin seeds will help prevent diarrhea and constipation.
You can always add a pureed or tablespoon or melted pumpkin seed to the dogs regular meal to help in preventing bowel movement. The pumpkin seeds also help with upset stomach or indigestion.

Since dogs are always capable of eating anything, the pumpkin seeds will help in ensuring they have regular digestion.

Urinary Health

Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds and suffer from urinary heath? The pumpkin seeds are also high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  Such a combination will help in improving your dog’s urinary health. The seeds also contain some vitamin A that helps in reducing the chances of your dog developing cancer on their urinary tract.


The pumpkin seeds do have omega-3 fatty acids that help in alleviating inflammation. This is what makes these seeds very crucial when it comes to fighting most of the conditions that affect aging dogs.

It is beneficial in fighting diseases such as elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and arthritis. When your dog starts getting older, there are chances it will experience joint pain that is caused by inflammation. However, using the pumpkin seeds in a natural way will help in ensuring the dog has a pain free life even as it grows old.

Weight Loss

Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds  and lose weight? In case your dog is gaining lots of weight and you want to make him lose some, you can consider using the pumpkin seeds. Since dogs love pumpkins, you can always reduce a portion of their food and replace it with a similar amount of pureed pumpkin.

They will still feel as full as they would have felt and instead they would have enjoyed a healthier alternative.

However, this is not something you can enjoy doing on a prolonged period of time. Since dog needs protein, it will never work when you just allow the dogs eat pumpkin seeds.

Fighting Worms

You can use organic and raw pumpkin seeds to help in treating different parasitic together with other ailments.  These seeds have been used in treating parasites since the colonists first landed to the new world.

It was recently discovered that the pumpkin seeds can act as an agent of deworming against tapeworms and other intestinal parasites found in dogs.

Offer Good Fats

Pumpkin seeds do comprise of lipids. It means that they can offer great fats for the dog. Good fats are something most humans do crave for and the dogs as well. The dogs’ body needs fats to survive.

It will be much better if the fats are of good quality. The pumpkin seeds are known to be very rich in polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats which are responsible for lowering the bad cholesterol in humans and dogs.

How to Feed Pumpkin seeds to your Dog?

Do you know the feeding direction for pumpkin seeds? As you are already aware, the dogs can feed on pumpkin seed, but the main question here is how will you feed the seeds to your dog? Should you give the seeds to your dog cooked, raw or canned?

You can always feed the seeds as a whole. However, you need to remember never to give the dog salted seeds from the store. Cooked and raw seeds are safe for the dog. However, the only difference is that the raw seeds do have a short shelf life.

Precautionary Measures to Take

precautionary measures

Pumpkin seeds are widely known to be safe for the dogs. There are no any direct side effects that come with giving the seeds to your dog. However, we do have some things that you need to keep in mind always. There are things you need to avoid when you let dogs eat pumpkin seeds.

Avoid Using Salt

Never add any salt to the pumpkin seeds. It is important that the dogs take seeds plain. When you add salt, it will most likely create health risks for the dog especially issues surrounding levels of sodium in the body.

Roast the Seeds

Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds  when roasted? Ensure you always roast the seeds before you feed them to your dog. The raw and fresh seeds can easily spoil. Roasting the seeds will help in extending their shelf life for an extra one month.

Store the Seeds Properly

The pumpkin seeds never need to be stored in sealed packages since they will most likely become toxic. When you use sealed bags, you will be able to save the seeds for a period of up to six months.

Apart from Pumpkin seeds, you can also feed your dogs on Sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes while using the eggshells as supplement to help strengthen the dogs bones and teeth.

Conclusion on Pumpkin Seeds for Dogs

We hope you can now tell how  can dogs eat pumpkin seeds.  A lot has been said in regard to if the dogs can eat pumpkin seeds safely without encountering from any health risk. These seeds are known to be mini powerhouses that are stuffed with important antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

However, you need to remember that too much of something is poisonous. Hence, ensure that you always let dogs eat pumpkin seeds in moderation. Introduce new snack food to the dogs diet slowly until such a time that they will be accustomed to eating them.


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