Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food? Is it Harmful for Dogs?

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Humans do love foods that are spiced up.  This makes them think that their dogs will also appreciate some sprinkle of spice on their meals. So, can dogs eat spicy food?  Is it okay for one to add some chili powder or Sriracha on a dog’s meal? For sure, no!

When you share your spicy foods with your dog, you will most likely cause them more health problems that you may think. Most of the spices can be toxic to dogs since they can lead stomach issues such as pain, gas or diarrhea. Can dogs eat spicy food? is a very popular question. When dogs eat spicy food, they can also feel excessive thirst which can make them vomit.

Can dogs eat spicy food?

One of the main concerns on how can dogs eat spicy food is it having an upset stomach. There are times when your dog can encounter painful stomach, vomiting or diarrhea when it takes too much spicy food.

dogs eat spicy food

Similar to when humans take lots of hot food, the same reaction they will encounter is the same to what the dogs will encounter.

Another main concern is the type of spices put in food. Bottled or jarred products like hot sauce are known to have lots of flavor when mixed together with seasonings which are not healthy to the dog. They include garlic and onion powder. There is never a reason why the hound will enjoy feeding on a spicy food.

Are the Dog Taste Buds Good?

Can dogs eat spicy food almost every day yet they still get sick from it? We do wonder if the reason that leads to them being sick is lack of a choice or is it that their tasting ability is not that great? Most people tend to think that the taste bud of a dog is highly tuned when compared to that of humans. It happens that they are just weaker!

Humans are known to have up to 9000 taste buds while dogs have only 1700 taste buds. The humans do have four basic tastes which are sour, salty, bitter and sweet. The dogs on the other hand never developed the salt receptors during their evolution. This is because they usually feed on carnivorous diet that is normally high in salt.

This is one of the reasons why dogs are capable of feeding on gross things since their taste are never fine tuned like that of human beings. Instead, they normally use their sense of smell when sampling food.

The Human Food Is Not Good For Dogs

human foods bad for dog

The spicy food is not the only available human food that can be hazardous to a dog. The table food is also known not to be so good to dogs. The dog should take meals which are formulated to satisfy their dietary requirements.

Hence, human food does not meet all these requirements. You need to inquire from a certified vet what the right meal plan that you can use on your pet is.

So, can dogs eat spicy food meant for humans? It is advisable that that you prevent your dog from taking people’s food which is dangerous and toxic to pets. Some of such foods include macadamia nuts, grapes, chocolate and food from the onion family.

You need to stop allowing your dogs eat spicy food or any food unless you are fully convinced that the food is safe for him. In case you are in doubt, ensure you first check with your veterinary official.

When giving your dog cherry tomatoes, always check if it contains some spices.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Sauce?

No, it is not acceptable to give your dogs’ hot sauce. The hot sauce is a spicy combination that comprises of chili which is inappropriate food for the dogs to feed on. You need to consider all the toxic ingredients contained in the hot sauce.

It is never known that spicy foods can cause irreversible damage. It supposes that he dog never fed on intense variety and brutal food. Any dog feeding on hot sauce will most likely face number of health concerns in the coming days.

Is Spicy Food Canine Friendly?

It is quite clear; do not allow your dogs eat spicy food. When you let the dogs eat spicy food especially when it is in excess, it can easily lead to serious digestive problems. You need to remember about the unpleasant indigestion. The spicy foods are very rich for the stomach of dogs to process.

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Can dogs eat spicy food and feel giddy? Although the dog will most likely get giddy some few seconds after he has taken some bites of a spicy food, it is more likely that they will end up having running stools after that. It is advisable that you help save the dog from stomach distress and ensure you keep the spicy food away from dog’s reach.

What Signs Will a Dog Show After Eating Spicy Foods?

Can dogs eat spicy food without showing any symptoms? Some of the sings you will have to watch out for after your dogs eat spicy food include:

  • Pacing
  • Lip licking
  • Whining
  • Head Shaking
  • Backing away
  • Excessive water drinking

The spices will also irritate the gastrointestinal tract of the dog and cause vomiting, diarrhea, gas and stomach upset.

Despite not all the spicy foods are toxic to dogs; they can make them experience lots of discomforts, hence, the best thing to avoid them.  It is also important that you always contact your veterinary whenever a dog shows any signs of prolonged discomfort, pain or sickness. Ensure your dog does not get dehydrated.

The Pancreatitis is a Great Risk

The spicy foods will not only bring upon watery stool in the unsuspecting pooches, they will at times cause lots of major health conditions. The canine pancreatitis is one great example.

This disease which is at times life threatening does involve pancreas inflammation. Several dogs are known to develop pancreatitis when they feed on fatty foods although the spicy foods can also be a cause.

What Should I do When my Dog Feeds on a Spicy Food?

Can dogs eat spicy food without me knowing? In case your dogs eat spicy food, it can cause irritable bowel damage or even long term internal harm. This will mean greater problems to the pet hence, it will be appropriate to visit a veterinary officer.

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Another thing you will need to observe is the pup’s eyes. The dogs can be chaotic eaters. Although most of the spicy foods are not that poisonous to dogs but can lead to distress. It is best advisable if you avoid them.

Consider giving the dog bread or milk to help him relieve the symptoms. In case the side effects do not pass, you need to get more concerned and best thing is taking your dog to a doctor for a thorough check up.


We hope your question can dogs eat spicy food has been well answered. It does not matter how small the spice is in the meal, the dog might never have the same feeling as you.

Immediately you notice your dog pacing, lip licking, backing away, whining, head shacking or taking water in excess, you need to know that your dogs eat spicy food and instead give the dog asparagus.

Ensure you get in touch with your veterinary officer in case you have any doubts or whenever your dog falls sick or is showing discomfort signs. Ensure your dog never consumes any spicy food to help prevent risking its health.


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