Doxycycline for Dogs: How And Why You Should Use


As a pet owner, your pets are like your children and there are some fears and worrying moments that come along. Especially when they get sick or get infected with something, that is particularly worrying for many. Therefore, doctors suggest medicine and antibiotics that help fight these issues and protect your dogs from further infections.

Of course, there are many such variations in the market towards this and it is hard to figure out which are the best. You should rely on the doctor’s suggestion instead of randomly taking them, as they know the most helpful ones. Certainly, in such cases, most of these veterinarians would suggest Doxycycline for dogs, and rightfully so.

What do you mean by Doxycycline?

When it comes to drugs that work best for your puppies in the matter of fighting against infections, Doxycycline is very effective. In fact, it is a derivative of a type of drug called tetracycline, but in a more lipid-soluble form. Moreover, it affects the process of protein synthesis in the body of the patient and changes the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane.

Consequently, this strengthens the defense system of the animals from within and helps them fight against microbial and bacterial infections. Moreover, you can use it for different animals and it is not limited to a single type of bacteria. This antibiotic also does not contain any harmful products in its manufacturing and it is a blend of synthetic and natural elements.

Why is it important?

As a drug, Doxycycline for dogs is highly effective in treating your dogs against issues that would arise out of infections. Indeed, it works on quite a broad spectrum too, and provides protection against a lot of different types of bacteria. Furthermore, the drug also works in a preventive manner and protects your pet against future infections too.

In fact, it is effective against many types of bacteria that are exceptionally harmful to dogs and other animals. Some of these include Truperella, Serratia, E. Coli bacteria, Dirofilaria immitis, Wolbachia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and many more. Moreover, this works on two fronts when dealing with fungal infections of the primary ones and the secondary, and works effectively on both.
Furthermore, it is important to note what the common types of medical issues are that require Doxycycline for dogs. Of course, the doctors you go to for your pet’s checkup would calculate various factors before ultimately prescribing this drug. There are some common conditions though, and they include diseases like Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Blood-borne issues, urinary or respiratory infections, and of course, infected cuts.

Are there any side-effects?


While using some drugs to treat any medical issues, it is customary to know the problems that come with it. After all, not all types of medicines work well with each type of patient, and reactions are imminent. This is not limited to humans alone and animals, too, suffer from excruciating consequences in certain cases.

However, when it comes to Doxycycline for dogs, it is comparatively much safer for them than some other alternatives. Of course, certain side effects are natural when you are providing a high-powered medication, and that too for the first time. In this case, the most common ones that you would notice is an effect on the digestive system, like diarrhea.

While this is highly common among the normal dogs, there are some extenuating circumstances that you need to consider too. Indeed, in case your furry friend is pregnant when the infection occurs, certain complications can occur with the use of this drug. However, this would not necessarily show on the mothers themselves, but has severe problems in the utero.

In fact, the most common problems that you would notice in the growth of these puppies are deformities in the skeletons. This would also affect the mother, and influence during the time of delivery. Thus, make sure that you consult the doctor and adjust the dosage and timing accordingly.

The best course of action is to know that your female pet is pregnant before you imply any medication. This would allow the doctors to use safer alternatives instead, if possible. However, generally speaking, this drug is comparatively safe irrespective of the issues that might arise.

Side-effects on other animals

Aside from dogs, this drug is also useful to horses and cats. However, there are some extra side-effects you should look out for. In the case of horses, the intravenous method of using this drug needs avoidance as that would harm them instead. Not to mention, cats require a different method of application and you should hydrate them beforehand to avoid dry pilling.

All in all, Doxycycline is a highly useful drug and doctors suggest this for various animals. The main function that it performs is to protect the immune system of the dogs from the potential threat of bacteria. Certainly, some side-effects are imminent during this usage but not high. For safety purposes, you should consult a trusted veterinarian before relying on this antibiotic.

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