How to Adopt a Dog: Ultimate Guide for Dog Adoption

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People who want to know how to adopt a dog normally claim that the dog has rescued them and not the other way round. I totally agree with this perception.In this guide, we will be covering on best ways to adopt a dog and some of the important things to consider.

How to Adopt a Dog?

There are lots of  tips that will help you know how to adopt a dog benefits that come with adopting a dog over bullying furry companion which warrants an article of their own. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider adopting a dog?

Helps in saving lives?

According to recent research findings which was conducted across the United States concerning how to adopt a dog, up to 670,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters.  This is over half a million dogs which never got the opportunity to have a second chance.  They tried waited for someone  who want to know how to adopt a dog  unfortunately no one showed up and they died all alone.

For sure it is very hard to bear such like things but it is important that you let this figures sink in.  You need to understand well that the severity of such a situation will enable you understand why it is important to adopt a dog.

When you make a decision on how adopt a dog, you will not only be getting a new friend.  You will be giving the unfortunate pooch a second chance to enjoy life and have a family.

Cost Less

Are wondering how much it will cost you to adopt a dog?  If you are worried that you will not be in a position to look after it well or get the pooch a goo shelter, trust me you are in for some great news.

When you adopt a dog from the shelters it is cheaper when compared to adopting from a breeder. There are situations when it can even be free.

The cost of adopting a dog will become much cheaper. This will be when you realize that the rescue dogs have been micro chipped, neutered or spayed, vaccinated or dewormed.  All these have been covered by the adoption fee.

There are times when people have their heart set on a particular breed. You will be thinking that visiting a pet store or a breeder is their only available option. This is one of the common mistake most people when they start thinking about adopting a dog.

Adoption is Humane

Apart from taking part in saving life by adopting a homeless dog, there is needed to assist in suppressing overpopulation. Each dog must pass through surgical sterilization as it helps in preventing the dogs from reproducing and end up increasing the number of homeless dogs in the world.

Currently there are many dogs in the world with fewer homes available. When you make a decision to adopt a dog, you will be reducing the number of shelter dogs and you will help in solving the problem.

Things to Expect when You Adopt a Dog

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Despite being interested in saving a dog from shelter or from a rescue organization, you might not be the right person.  For sure, there is countless number of pups that are waiting for a reliable owner. It is important that the dog shelter check the people thoroughly before they decide to give them a dog.

Main goal is to ensure that every dog for adoption gets a new home and lives happily. They should have  a loving family that will be a perfect match for their personality and never end up in shelter again.

Adoption Process

Majority of the dog shelters are known to have similar rules when it comes to the process of adoption. This process usually looks like this:

  • Submission of an application to adopt
  • Going through the interview with one of the counselors from the shelter and meet the rescue dogs.
  • When you pass the interview and the pooch you choose is a perfect fit for your family, you might be forced to pay some slight adoption fee before you are allowed to take it to your home.
  • By following these steps, the shelters will always try to ensure that individuals who adopt dogs are not just doing it on a whim and that they are in a position of taking good care of the dog, living with it happily and on a long term basis.

It is however important that you are aware beforehand that the interview questions will be personal. they can be a bit intruding to some people. Every shelter has its own interview procedure.  Majority of them do structure the process like an honest conversation rather than an examination form which you will have to pass.

You will realize that all the questions are there to help ensure your future furry goes to the right hands.  You will not have any problem answering them.

Questions to Expect During Dog Adoption Interview

Below are some of the questions you should always expect when attending a dog adoption interview:

  1. What is your current family situation? (How many children are there in the family and what’s the number of adults? Are all the people in the house interested in adopting a dog?)
  2. How your current housing situation? (Do you live alone or is the house rental? Which type of property do you have and do you have any plans of moving in the near future?)
  3. Your past experience with pets and do you own any animal right? (What is the number of pets, your history of living with pets? What happened to every pet and do you know how to bring in a new pet into the family?)
  4. Your current work situation? (Are you in a position to assume financial responsibility for your new pet? what are you’re working hours? Will you be leaving the dog home alone for the entire work period?)

All these are general questions which are meant to help the shelters determine if you are the right person.  They can pass the responsibility to by giving you the dog to adopt. Although they might seem like they are too much, they are of great importance.

Questions To Help Determine If You have Right Personality

Next two sets of questions are meant to help the counselor determine if you have the right personality that matches that of the dog you are interested in adopting.

  1. What type of lifestyle do you have? (Are you an active individual, do you like going out or not, will you be going with the dog to social events, functions or vacations and are you in any form of relationship).
  2. What knowledge do you have concerning rescue dogs? ( are you prepared to socialize and train a dog, are you aware that there are times the dog will end up in a shelter when you neglect or abuse and what are your reason for adopting the dog?)

You need to keep in mind that the questions above are not exam and it is important that you be honest when answering them. Never agree to get into something that you are not sure about.

One last thing anyone will want to happen is to see the dog being adopted living unhappy or being abandoned once again.

Choosing a Rescue Dog

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Process of knowing how to adopt a dog can be quite hard. Every pooch does have its own personality and quirks. It is therefore important that you find a dog which will fit right with your character and style of living.

One biggest mistake you can always make is falling ahead over for a particular dog just because of how it looks. A dog might be having some of the cutest eyes you have ever seen although you might never commit to taking care of all its needs.

You need to consider if the dog you are interested in will get along with the other pets you have or kids. If you settle on knowing how to adopt a dog and go for a dog whose level of activity and personality does not match your own, you are bound to experience some form of trouble later on. This explains why knowing how to adopt a dog is important.

Choosing a Rescue Dog from the Local Shelter

When you are choosing a rescue dog from the local shelter, you need to have in mind that there are dogs which have the least chance of being adopted. In case you have not set your heart of a specific dog or pup breed, it is advisable that you consider giving a chance to the dog that does not have a bright future.

Some of the categories of the least adoptable dogs include dogs with disabilities, senior dogs and black dogs. 99% of the reason why they have a low adoption rate is they will never make a perfect partner for most of the people.

To some people, making a decision on how to adopt a dog can be something quite challenging. When you see all those eyes pleading with you and some many loving dogs and puppies, you will definitely feel guilty that you will not be taking them all with you.

Although that might be quite unfair, you can never give a great home to all of the dogs and pups in a shelter.  The only thing you can try do is help out to your capability. It might mean volunteering some of your time or help in spreading word about adoptable dogs.

How to Prepare Your Home for Rescue Dog

Before you know how to adopt a dog, it is important that you make some basic preparations. Apart from the toys, food and other types of supplies, it is advisable that you always dog roof your home.

This simply means checking any points inside the home that the dog could use to escape. You can then have a safe zone or area where the dog will be relaxing as it gets used to the new surroundings.

Big changes will always be stressful for the dogs. It is therefore important that you exercise patience  when and how to adopt a dog.  Assist the dog in adapting with the new surroundings.

Counselor at the shelter will provide you with all the information on how to adopt a dog. They will also  include some of the tips that will enable it get used to the new environment easier and faster.

The most important thing you need to exercise is controlling your excitement. High chances the pooch in question will not feel comfortable immediately hence, you will have to take it slow. Never overwhelm the pooch with forced interaction and cuddles.

Depending on the type of dog you have decided to adopt, the type of preparations can vary. In case you want to know how to adopt a dog that has special needs, you will have to prepare the right supplies. The same applies to elderly dogs and puppies.

One most essential thing you will need to have is water bowls to help quench thirst of the dog preventing dehydration.

Rescue Program

All shelters are always after helping  people who want to know how to adopt a dog. Shelters work with other organizations to help their dogs get the right homes. This is where they will live forever. They will use  their resources and efforts to help provide support to the pets that are in need.

Shelters will also help the pet parents to get a dog that will suit their family. They will also offer more adoptable dogs the opportunity of connecting with their future families.

The shelters have also developed apps which help rescuers search for the right dog they can adopt close to them. They can always watch the dog play and relax directly from their Smartphone.

However, before you start spending your time checking out a local dog shelter on a mobile app, be aware that you might end up spending hours going through how to adopt a dog documents.

Conclusion on  How to Adopt a Dog

Every dog available across the world loves and loyal regardless of whether they are from a shelter or a breeder. In case you have made up your mind and want to know how to adopt a dog, you need to know that you have made a commitment to saving a life.

You might be the one offering the last chance to a dog for happiness. When you are completely honest then there is nothing like the rescue dog will not fail to get used to the family. They will always know you are the one who have given them a last chance. They will know you want them live happily and have a home.



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