How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog?


When it comes to getting a companion, a dog is the most preferred choice for most people. Some people want them to get a companion to spend their free time and eliminate loneliness in their lives. Others just want a companion to guard their house well and keep the family safe. No matter what is the intention, dogs are the most reliable and faithful pets, among all the other ones.

While thinking about taking a dog, the first and most common obstacle that comes in the way is parents. Most of the time, parents don’t want to bring a dog in the house for various reasons. This ruins the dream of many people. But if you do not want to give up on your dream of having a pet, then here are some ways that can help you to convince your parents to get a dog.

Why don’t parents want to get a dog?

While you have a dream of growing old with a dog, making him your best friend, sleeping with him side by side, your parents are thinking of other things in their minds. Also, parents say “no” for all different things, including your phone, bicycle, but in the end, they agree. Sometimes, many parents say no for teaching life lessons. Such as waiting patiently for the dream to come true, learning persistence, fighting for what you want, and many more. These qualities can help you in your future life to become a better person.

Parents also say no sometimes because they do not want to get a dog in the house

Even if they do want to get a dog to make you happy, they take a step back because of the busy life they are leading. They know that it might be impossible for you to take care of the dog alone, and the responsibility might come on their shoulders to maintain the dog. It might get hectic for them to take care of both sides, and it can affect the work-life. Clearing the poop and cleaning the house takes a lot of work.

Apart from them, they might also not want a pet for you because it can have a negative effect on your study. Nothing is more important than study, which makes them say no to the dogs. However, many parents also do not like to bring a dog to the house because of hygiene issues and keep the house clean.

But how?

Among all the reasons, you will need to find out what is the main problem for them in getting a dog. Instead of begging, shouting, crying, not talking, ask them a straight question at the right moment to get the answer. It will help you to know the main issue and fix that with different methods.

Different ways to convince your parent for getting a dog

No matter what the issue of your parents is with getting a dog. This can be easily solved by taking up some ways. You need to make them understand how much you want to get a dog, and these are some methods that will help you to turn a “No” to “Yes”.

1. Show responsibility: One of the first things that you need to show to your parents is that you can take responsibility. Many parents do not want to get a dog because they think that the responsibility of the dog will go on their shoulders. This is because you are not ready to take responsibility and want it for just playing purpose. To make them wrong, you will need to do your homework on time and keep the study running while doing household work without someone telling you.

Take care of your room. Water all the flowers and trees in the garden. Wash your clothes, make your bed, clean the dishes, and others. By doing this for a while, it will create a great impact on your parents about your responsibility. Also, they will know that you are able to take care of a dog without their help.

2. Make a way to bear the expenses: Another crucial reason for many parents to say no is the expense of owning a dog. While getting a dog is costly enough, more expenses come to keep the dog healthy. While parents might be able to maintain that expense, they still can say “no”. You need to figure out a way to contribute to the process.

While it might not be possible for you to pay the whole expense. However, little contribution towards the expense will help your parents to understand how bad you want it. If you are old enough, then you can go out and look for part-time jobs to make a saving. For those who are still studying, start saving up all the birthday money and pocket money.

3. Let them know the advantage of owning a dog: This does not mean that your parents do not know the advantage of owning a dog. But telling them the advantage of owning a dog will help them to remember the pros.

  • The dog walks will help the family members to go out in the fresh air and walking in the evening.
  • While the world is not a safe place to live in anymore, a dog can help to provide better security for the family.
  • Owning a dog helps to increase the activity.
  • It also increases the time spent in the family with training sessions, walks, games, events, and many more.

4. Make a daily routine and other arrangements for the guest: For keeping a dog and making them healthy, you need to make a daily routine along with other arrangements. Without the necessary arrangements, it is very hard to keep a dog in your house. You can make a daily routine for food, exercise, training, games, walks and grooming. Then show your parents that you are preparing for the new guest.

These are some of the most common ways that will help you to convince your parents to get a dog.



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