Pet Nail Grinder | How Does it Work In Comparison To Nail Clippers


Without a doubt, grooming is one of the most important things that people need to do in order to look presentable. It is no different in the case of the pet dogs either, and you should take care of their hygiene regularly. Of course, this does not just include bathing your puppy every day, but their nail care as well.

Certainly, a dog’s nail holds much more germs and dirt in comparison to the rest of their body. Not to mention, having too much of it also restricts them from doing many things comfortably, and even causes health issues. Because of these, it is better if you shape their nails as much as possible, and a pet nail grinder helps with that.

While it is true that nail clippers are very important in this regard, a grinder, on the other hand, works favorably well. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons for its popularity, based on safety for both you and your puppy. Therefore, if you are wondering why you should try it, here are some information that would help you make that choice.

What is the importance of pet nail grinder?

Indeed, in the matter of finding the best tool to file and shape your pets’ nails, grinders hold a lot of value. After all, the matter of their comfort and for easier usability is crucial to this factor, and you should consider it. The type of nails that certain dogs have also needed some attention and the much thicker ones are not compatible with clipping.

For an easier and much smoother finish, you should use a pet nail grinder on their nails. Not only is it comfortable for you to hold, but the dogs you use it on also don’t feel much pain or discomfort. Moreover, these products take significantly lesser time to operate than regular clippers.

That is because of the sound factor too; clippers normally make a certain sound that spooks the pups. Therefore, they get agitated and subsequently try to run in the opposite direction, which can cause accidents. However, a grinder has little to no sound, which allows you to complete your duty without issues.

Things to remember while using nail grinders

Of course, before you start using a grinder to smooth your pet’s nails, you should make sure that you know how to. Doing the wrong thing can injure your pet, and even scare them off the practice altogether. Therefore, make sure that you perform the task slowly and adjust the speed accordingly.

Settings of the nail grinder

Not to mention, the pet nail grinder that you are using could come with more complicated settings inside. While this makes it easier to use, you should take into account details like the length of your dog’s hair, the hardness of the nail, etc. Therefore, practice precautions when trying to cut their nails by shortening their hair around the area.


After all, most of these grinders come with open moving attachments and their hair can get stuck in them. This would cause extreme discomfort to your dogs and it is difficult to get them out properly. Also, make sure to do the entire process calmly and carefully, as your pets can sense your uneasiness.

Certainly, animals are not a fan of things that they are not used to, especially when you use it on their body. Thus, to make sure that they do not get rattled by the soft buzzing sound, use it a few times near them. You should not touch them with it on the first try until they seem unaffected by it after some time.

Of course, no matter how you use it, the chances of them getting hurt increases if your pet starts moving while you use it. You should hold them steady but not tightly, and whisper calming words to appease their senses. In fact, keep a few treats handy; you can give it to them as a reward afterward. And this would further motivate them to stay still the next time you use it, which is always a plus.

Nail clippers

Nail Clippers

In this matter, a commonly used version for the grooming purposes of dogs is the dog nail clippers. Indeed, it is infinitely easier to operate and does not require any unnecessary features or complicated procedures. In fact, all that you need to do is hold their limbs steady and manually cut the overgrown nails.

Of course, they are comparatively much simpler during the application, and also comes in different versions. No matter what type of puppy you have, the various types work well on all and you can use it accordingly. However, while there are many advantages to it, certain limitations make the grinders a much better alternative.

Are nail grinders safer to use?

While using a pet nail grinder for grooming purposes, it is important to note how safe it is in the first place. Certainly, taking the safety precautions would help you in this measure, but in general, they are not too harmful. After all, most of these products are pre-fitted with a precautionary mechanism that senses where the skin begins.

Generally, the nails of animals include a certain point where the blood vessels are, but it is not obvious to the naked eye. Owing to this, oftentimes, people hurt their pets unintentionally while clipping their nails, which does not happen in the case of grinders. Not to mention, the facilities behind the functioning of this product include battery operation and such.

Because of this, the mechanism works in small spurts that occur for a moment’s flash each time. Thus, this automatic feature allows you to handle the process better and not accidentally cut more than necessary. Therefore, while the improper application can cause damage, if you take certain steps, a pet nail grinder is comparatively safer.

All in all, you should give this type of grooming method a try when dealing with restless and active pets. While the merits are many, it is not always easy to control them and things can get difficult for you. Using a grinder certainly has some benefits, but so does the clippers on their own. However, whichever your preference is, you should take some measures beforehand to avoid harming your pets.

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