Dog vs Cat: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

Pets are very comforting companions. They are blessings in disguise. It is believed that a person who has not loved an animal has not been able to explore a part of his life in his entire life. Studies have shown that having pets is beneficial in many ways. They not only help to soothe a person’s mood or release his everyday stress, but our furry friends also help us evolve as social beings. Children who grow up with pets from a very young age are friendlier. Not only has this but having a pet also increased your scope for daily physical exercise. This can keep a check on your health ailments like blood pressure and heart conditions. It also becomes more comfortable to stay in shape. Having a pet is also a great way to cut out loneliness.

However, many animal lovers seem to come to brawls when a frequent topic of debate arises: who is better as pets- dog or cat? While many people like to keep both as pets, some people have to limit their choice to have a single animal as their pet. This article is in favor of dogs and gives numerous reasons to prove the point that they are better pets as compared to cats. Read on to know why dogs are better than cats!

Some Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

why are dogs better than cats

If you want solid reasons to rely on to accept that dogs are better pets than cats, here are some reasons why:

Dogs Have A Friendlier Attitude As Compared To Cats:

This is one of the best ideas which say why dogs are better than cats. While dogs are always oozing energy and enthusiasm, that is not the case with cats. Cats like to keep themselves aloof. They have an attitude as though you don’t pet them; they pet you. You can keep calling their name, but they won’t bat an eyelid. However, that is not the case with dogs. Dogs are friendly and extremely energetic. They love spending time with their master. If you have had a rough day at work, your furry friend back at home will wag his tail and lick your face till you start feeling better. With them, you can feel a kind of radiant energy lingering throughout the house!

Dogs Can Amuse You With Their Little Tricks:

  • It seems like dogs are always up to learning something new every day so that they can delight and surprise their human parent.
  • One of the many reasons dogs are better than cats is that they are eager to learn new things.
  • You can train a dog quickly.
  • You can teach those tricks, manners, and show them how to obey commands.
  • It is genuinely entertaining to teach your dog how to lift a paw when someone asks for a handshake and watch him do the same.
  • You can also train your dog to take care of the house in your absence.
  • Dogs love to be a part of the pack and are always eager to learn new tasks and tricks.
  • This is not the case with cats. Cats are obedient, but once they are bored, you cannot even make them wag a tail.

Dogs Help To Keep You Active:

If you own a dog, there is no way you can laze around all day. At some point in the day, your furry friend will clutch his leash between his teeth and come running to you, urging you to go out with him for a walk. You must take your dog out for a walk every day; this lowers their risk of developing cholesterol and other health issues. In doing this, you also get an excellent chance to run and engage in some physical activity. You might even notice your belly fat to be gone!

They Protect Your House And Family Members:

  • Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures.
  • Dogs can go to any extent to safeguard their masters.
  • They can protect a house from strangers, thieves, burglars, and other intruders.
  • Every time there is a knock on the door, or someone rings the doorbell, dogs become alert.
  • They sense danger and dishonest motives in a jiffy.
  • If they realize something is wrong with the person trying to come in, they bark fiercely, compelling him to leave.
  • Even the tiniest of dogs have the bravest hearts.
  • If there is a fire, an earthquake, or anything that can pose a threat to you and your family, dogs can sense much earlier and will warn you. This is not something you can expect from a cat!

Dogs Are Loyal:

This is another reason why dogs are better than cats. The loyalty of dogs is unmatched; no wonder why they are called man’s best friend. They impart different kinds of signs, trying to express their feelings. They wag their tail to show their happiness and tell you that they are there for you. Their cutest head tilts are heart-melting. When they tilt their heads, they try to understand what you are trying to tell them. Dogs, unlike cats, are social creatures. While dogs will not leave your side when they sense you are unhappy. On the other hand, cats will just take another nap. As said earlier, they are the masters; they pet you!

Dogs Come In Different Sizes:

There are different breeds of dogs that are available in various kinds of sizes. For instance, if your house is spacious enough and you have a lush-green backyard, you can buy a giant breed like a Golden Retriever or a Saint Bernard. You will love to see these furry giants wobbling across the house. On the other hand, if you are running short on space, you can choose to buy a smaller breed. There are many options to choose from when you are looking for a dog of a comparatively smaller breed. Be it a French poodle, a chihuahua, a pug, or a spitz; all these dogs will love you just the same!

They Will Keep You Happier:

If you own a dog, be prepared for frequent belly laughs. Your dog will do things that will crack you up! Right from when you bring him home as a little pup, you will find him chasing his tail, or running across the house with his treat bowl. These creatures know how to light a place up! Even if you are having the worst of days, spending some time with your awesome friend will lift your mood. Studies have shown that dog owners have laughed more frequently as compared to cat owners or those who do not have pets. Cats are grumpy and bossy, but dogs are jolly.

Breach Of Privacy:

Neither dogs nor cats understand the concept of personal space. Once you bring them home, and they are all over your place! However, cats are a little more annoying as compared to dogs. For example, you would not like to have a face staring at you and wagging its tail when you are taking a dump. Cats do almost anything when they need treats. They will be on your lap, your dining table, your fridge, your laptop, everywhere! This is not the case with dogs. Even though they are energetic, they know when they have to leave you alone.

Dogs Are Intelligent:

You may be astonished to find out how intelligent your furry friend is! Dogs understand instructions very well. If they are trained properly, they might even be able to understand your language. While cats can ravage your tissue box and cause mayhem across the house, dogs might even be technologically advanced. If you write commands on a tablet and show it to them, they might interpret the commands and act accordingly. Some dogs have even mastered the skill of clicking great selfies! Dogs are also trained to pose properly. They are aware of the concept of looking good in pictures.

Dogs Have A Sixth Great Sense:

Dogs are very sensible. They can sense any impending danger. They also act as life-savers. Frequently, dogs have been seen saving their masters from seizures. They sense beforehand that something is wrong and become alert so that they can help when it’s time. Although they cannot speak, they try to stay as close as possible to their masters and comfort them. Not only this, but dogs are also intelligent enough to realize when a situation turns grave. They know precisely when to call for help. There are many videos on the internet showing dogs bringing in people to help their master who might be lying senseless inside the house and requires immediate medical attention. Therefore, when you have a dog, know that you have the greatest gift in the world.

Sometimes, They Might Even Help You With Your Household Chores:

You cannot expect much from cats. All they will ever do is bring in dead mice and cockroaches from everywhere. If you train your dog right, he might even be able to help you with your household chores. By that, one doesn’t mean that you can expect your dog to do the dishes or dust the furniture every day. However, he can fetch you the mop. He will not pull out dead mice. He will bring you your slippers when you cannot find them. Dogs are a gift, aren’t they?

Cats Are More Likely To Cause Allergies:

According to studies, cats are more likely to spread allergies. There are certain health benefits of owning a dog. Although dogs have longer and denser fur than cats, it is said that when kids are exposed to “dog dust,” they tend to grow immune. Such kids are likely to be less exposed to the risk of allergies and asthma. This is because “dog dust” has microbes that influence the number of immune cells coming together to fight against the allergens.

Dogs Shed Lesser Hair Than Cats:

Although there are some exceptions, it has been seen that dogs shed comparatively lesser hair as compared to cats. Cat hair, if stuck in the throat, can lead to diphtheria. This becomes very risky if you have kids in your house. Therefore, if you want a lesser mess in your house, you should go for a dog.

If You Pet A Dog, You Will Not Have To Carry A Stinking Litter Box Every Day:

If you are still wondering why dogs are better than cats, here is another reason why Cats like to boss around the house. They are moody and barely like to move an inch. You even have to provide a litter box inside the house for them to defecate in. It can be a disgusting task having to carry the stinking litter box out of the house every day. If you own a dog, you are saved from his responsibility. When you take your dog out for a walk, he will sniff through the place and find a suitable place to poop in. All you have to do is pick up the poop and drop it inside the litter box.


All these points provide evidence enough to assert the fact that dogs are much better pets as compared to cats. Dogs can be anything you want them to be. Studies have shown that people who try hard to fight depression prefer keeping a dog. With all their activities and fun tricks, dogs can lift your mood in a jiffy and add joy and laughter to your life. However, be it a dog or a cat, the only bad thing about having a pet is that, you will have to bid them goodbye at some point in time. After staying with us for such long periods, pets remain no less than family members to us. Having to overcome the loss of a pet is the hardest thing in life. Therefore, when you bring in a pet, be prepared for the worst shock of your life.



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