Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Yes, But Need To Serve Properly!

One of the most common questions that keep speculating for a very long time is ‘can dogs eat watermelon?’ The answer is yes, dogs eat them, and also love to eat watermelon. But that does not mean that it is safe for them. You will need to know “is watermelon good for dogs”?

Yes, if you take some necessary precautions, then eating watermelon helps dogs very much. As the fruit contains many different nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, B6, C, and B1. But make sure to remove seeds from the watermelon, as it can harm the health of dogs very much. Also, chewing the rind can have a negative effect on dogs.

How Much Watermelon is Good for the health of Dogs?

Watermelon is the best way to keep your dog hydrated as it contains more than 92% water and 50 calories. As the saying goes too many causes a lot of harm, the same applies here also. Feeding too much watermelon to dogs can be very harmful. So, make sure to feed your dogs a limited amount to keep them healthy.

According to research, only 10% of the calories come from treats and snacks. Also, vegetables and fruits do not fill the gap by 20%. How much watermelon for dogs is safe for health depends on weight. If the weight of the dog is around 25 pounds, then the consumption of 500-750 calories per day is the ideal measurement. But the consumption of watermelon also depends on physical activity, age, and different factors.

If you are using it as a treat, then make sure to maintain the rule of 10%. 50 calories of watermelon per day are best, which makes it a total of 150 grams. Apart from that, you need to know the rate of vitamins of watermelon and the required rate for dogs. Per 150 grams of watermelon contains 865 micrograms of Vitamin A and 100 milligrams of Vitamin B6. A dog with a weight of 25 pounds is required to get 380 micrograms Vitamin A and 100 milligrams of Vitamin B6. This will help you to know how much watermelon for dogs is required.

Health Benefits of watermelon for dogs

watermelon for dogs

As mentioned above, watermelon contains more than 90% of water, which is very helpful for dogs. So, if you are out with your dog on a hot day, then you can feed them slices of watermelons when they are exhausted. It will help them very much to feel refreshed and prevent hard panting by hydrating.

But other than having water, is watermelon good for dogs in any other way? The answer is yes because the watermelon is not only made with water. Apart from the 90% water in the watermelon, there are also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties available in it. Also, the red color of watermelon comes from the lycopene. These properties are also helpful for dogs to receive various benefits.

Watermelon contains mainly two different vitamin types such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B6.

Vitamin A: This is one of the most useful vitamins for your dog that helps to provide better vision, bone growth, reproduction, and many other benefits. Problems with stunted growth, issues with reproduction, night blindness comes for deficiency of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin is also very helpful to reduce tooth decay by creating healthy coats. These coats are made from the amino acid, which comes from the chemical reaction of Vitamin B6.

These are the most important factors that make watermelon for dogs very effective and beneficial.

How to prepare the watermelon for the dog perfectly

No matter how many benefits it gives, if you do not know how to prepare watermelon for dogs, then it can be cautious. A common question around the internet “is watermelon good for dogs if served as human?”. No, you need to cut the watermelon into many slices and remove all the seeds from the watermelon, then cut the rind and flesh before serving them. You can also make juice of watermelon after seeds and rinds are separated. RInds and seeds both can create digestive problems for your dog and cause diseases like intestinal blockage, diarrhea, and others.

This information confirms that dogs eat watermelon & it is healthy for dogs if properly served and it contains many health benefits for them.


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